If you have recently purchased a newly built home, we want to know about your experience and the quality of your property via our on-line survey. The New Homes Review (NHR) provides a unique, independent insight into the quality of new homes being built for sale and the level of customer satisfaction, based on feedback directly from new home owners.

As a thank you for completing the survey, you will be able to download our exclusive guide to ‘Settling In’ which contains helpful hints and tips about getting settled in. You will also be given the option to enter our monthly prize draw to win £25 of M&S vouchers. 

This information is collated, analysed and fed back to developers, builders and the new homes construction industry as a whole through the NHR annual report


Builders of new homes will receive an annual quality rating.


The latest news and issues effecting new and potential home owners.


A reference library of information and support for new home buyers and home owners.


The New Homes Review (NHR) is an independent annual report on the new home buying experience. It publishes findings from the NHR survey which asks the owners of newly built properties for their feedback on the process and quality of their home as well as their overall buying experience. This is collated into an annual report which can be used to help potential new home buyers with their buying decisions and provide an update on the performance of the home building industry. 

The survey itself is undertaken by an independent research agency Zebra Square. The results will form the basis of the NHR annual rating and also shared with developers and builders registered with the participating warranty providers as a measure of customer satisfaction.


Our survey has been developed following consultation with home builders and consumers who had recently bought a new home or were looking to do so in the near future.

The survey asks home buyers about their satisfaction with their home and the buying process, and there is also space for additional comments.

Feedback is anonymous unless home buyers want their comments to go directly to their house builder.

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The NHR believe that good service in any industry should be rewarded and excellence in home building should be no different. To provide a reliable guide for potential home buyers and encourage the raising of building standards, the New Homes Review has developed a rating system based on new home owner customer satisfaction.

How the NHR rating system works

On an annual basis the NHR aggregates all new home owner feedback received over the previous 12 month period and awards a rating based on the following questions asked within the survey:

  • The condition of your home when you moved in
  • The standard of finish of your new home
  • The overall quality of the build
  • Value for money of your new home
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Overall satisfaction with the service provided throughout
  • Overall satisfaction with the service provided after you moved in


We know that excellent developers and builders can come in all shapes and sizes, so at the NHR we have developed a rating system which is fair for all. The NHR rating is split into three tiers dependent on developer / builder size:

  • Small (builds up to 50 new homes a year)
  • Medium (builds between 51 and 150 new homes per year)
  • Large (builds more than 151 new homes per year)

Then, dependent on the average customer satisfaction score, the following ratings are awarded:

  • Diamond: 81% customer satisfaction score and above
  • Platinum: 71% to 80%
  • Gold: 61% to 70%
  • Silver: 51% to 60%
  • Bronze: 41% to 50%

This means that quality can be recognised by a developer or builder of any size. A rating will only be provided if the minimum number of survey returns is achieved for each Developer / Builder in order to be statistically viable.


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The NHR survey is open to all purchasers of newly built properties in the UK and the NHR works with all partners to promote this. All developers and builders registered with warranty partners: Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty will receive direct feedback on the quality of the homes they provide and are covered by the Consumer Code for Home Builders.