Time for an Outdoors Spring Clean?

With Spring just around the corner, lighter nights and hopefully better weather, now is a good time to give your garden some TLC.

With Spring just around the corner, lighter nights and hopefully better weather, now is a good time to give your garden some TLC.

Despite many British gardens being 'closed' for the winter, the grass still grows and the elements will have taken their toll on your woodwork and other parts of your home that you might not think about. So, to help you in the process of your grand garden reopening, we have put together a quick list of things to get you ready for the summer BBQs and paddling pools.  

General gardening: first things first, the simple things like weeding, cutting the grass and trimming the hedges need looking after. If your paths and patios look a bit dull and dirty then maybe think about getting a pressure washer and bringing them back to life. Turn over your borders and start thinking about plants for the season.

Drains: your gutters and drains will need looking at to check for any fallen leaves and moss that may have gathered and blocked the flow of water.

Whilst you’re up there: you possibly haven't thought to do this before, but check your roofs for any cracked or misplaced roof tiles; cracks and gaps will not only allow water in but bugs and pests will also be able to access your home and could become a problem in the warmer months. 

Final touches…

Once all the maintenance jobs are out of the way, you can move on to the exciting bits that will make your house, your home. 

Windows: If you have wooden window frames and they look in a tired state then give them a new lease of life with a lick of paint. A time consuming job but, if done correctly, it can protect your window frames and keep them looking fresher for longer! If you have UPVC windows, you can still brighten them up by removing any grease, grime and dirt with some UPVC cleaner from most DIY stores.

Garden buildings: Whether you've got a tool shed, summer house, play house or pergola, they all require maintenance to keep them looking good. Like with your home, check your sheds and summer house for any leaks or rips in the roofing - spot these problems early enough and you could avoid having to pay for a replacement. It’s also a good idea to check fences in case of rotten posts, decking supports and joists and garden furniture to make sure everything is still strong and secure. 

Makeover: Weather got the better of your garden furniture, or just fancy a new look for SS17? There are a huge range of garden paints available to not only help protect your woodwork but give it a complete overhaul.