5 Features that Homebuyers are Looking For

Whether you prefer big or small, modern or traditional, town or country, there are certain criteria that can truly make or break a home. We've laid out what were think are the 5 features that home buyers are looking for below! 

Open Plan Kitchen/ Dining Area

Formal dining rooms seem to be an outdated concept, so for the millennial buyer, or for families with young children, the ability to maintain a flow from kitchen to dining area is always a tick in the box. Also, when entertaining guests or hosting a party, a spacious, open-plan kitchen can be make or break.


Energy Efficiency

With energy costs and interest in environmental issues on the rise, home buyers are looking for ways to save money whilst also looking to 'go green'. Features such as underfloor heating, energy-saving lightbulbs and water-saving showers would all appeal to a new generation of energy and eco-conscious buyers.

Natural Light

Lots of natural light in a home has many benefits, including creating an allusion of more living space, better views of the outdoors and having a positive effect on our mood. Also, on a similar note to the above, more natural light means less electricity usage and is therefore more cost efficient.

Separate Utility Room

 Keeping the unironed laundry out of the family communal living and eating areas is a very important feature for a lot of home buyers. Whether it’s a separate room or simply a closed off space, somewhere that the clothes can be washed, dried and stacked and muddy football boots can be cleaned offers a lot of convenience for home buyers.

Adequate Storage Space

 No matter whether the home is big or small, efficient and well-thought-out storage space is a big selling point for home buyers. Maximising use of space is important, so unique and innovative storage solutions that will allow home buyers to stay neat and organised is vital when considering the interior of a home.